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“CHANCE MA DANCE 2 – Nepali short movie Social Awareness


Nepali film industry has got its won history-in the field of making movies,but it has got its own trend and culture which is taken from our own tradition where we can find more than one hundred cultural diversity according to castes, geography and heritage of country. It is known as …

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kidney-stoneKidney stone is one of the disease of urinary system


kidney-stoneKidney stone is one of the disease of urinary system. This happens mostly due to increment of calcium in the body. This will interrupt the function of urinary system. Than people starts to get lots of problem. Here are some of the home made remedies to treat this problem. 1. …

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Exclusive Interview with Radhika Hamal UK


Music of Nepal refers to the various musical genres heard in Nepal. With more than 100 ethnic groups, the music of the country is highly diverse. Genres like pop, rock, folk, Lok Dohori, Modern, Lok-Pop, and Classical music are widely found, though many less common genres are yet to be …

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New comedy teej song 2016 – Tirsana Budhathoki


Watch Latest video release of Trisansa Budhathoki first ever Teej song in where Trisana have done direction as well as vocal. Teej is a generic name for three festivals that are celebrated in Nepal to welcome the monsoon season. It is primarily a festival celebrated by girls and ladies.The festival …

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Ukali Orali Katha, 23 August 2016


One of the popular TV program ”Ukali Orali” is a lok dohori live musical program weekly broadcast from image channel Nepal, where mostly lok dohori is practice along with beautiful Nepali music. Its main aim is to promote and save the Nepali culture,tradition which are fading off day by day …

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Joya : Talk with Jiwan Thapa Mother


Joyalen Gres Talormo Maijeres, World Health Organization had been married to Jiban Thapa of Ratnanagar Municipality-4 for 3 years, has been saved with the assistance of police and a social system, aforesaid Chief District Officer Binod Prakash Singh.Thapa initial met Maijeres in metropolis whereas he was holding employment within the …

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